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Gizzmo IBC-R RPM dependant Boost controller

The long-awaited Gizzmo IBC-R is now with us !!!

Taking the best parts of the MS-IBC, then adding an RPM dependant boost-modifier it allows you to tailor boost to suit your needs. You want flat boost from 3000 to 8000RPM? No problem - increase duty where needed in the RPM ranges to get the curve you want!

You want boost to come in hard and then tail off? No problem - increase initial duty, then taper it off as RPM increases.

We have run this model in our own EVO IV since much earlier in the year and it is BRILLIANT!

RRP on these units is ?249.00

Boost Settings, each with independent duty and gain.

  • RPM dependant Duty Offset -50% to +50% from 2000rpm to 9000rpm in 500rpm steps.
  • Controls boost up to 50psi (3.5bar)
  • Active Overboost Control
  • Closed Loop Solenoid Supervisor
  • Display options: KPA, BAR, PSI, Duty, RPM Duty Offset

    As well as the above this work of art has the following features -Product>>Gizzmo IBC Boostcontroller The Gizzmo IBC (Intelligent Boost Controller) represents the ultimate in Accurate, Simple to operate, and Easy to install Computerised Boost Controller. Because all the thinking is done inside the IBC,you will not require an Engineering Degree to operate or fit it. With the Gizzmo IBC's precision 29Lb MAP sensor, High speed RISC processor and Powerful MOSFET solenoid driver, and the fastest, most powerful solenoid you can assured that your Gizzmo IBC has the Quality, Resolution and Accuracy that you need for your Turbocharged vehicle.

    Four Boost Memories Adjustable up to 2bar (29lb)Fast RISC Processor TechnologyReal Time Digital Boost GaugeExtruded Alloy caseSimple 2-wire installationSuits internal or External Wastegates Comes complete with all Hoses and Fitting

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